I servizi offerti da Castellano Immobiliare

Our agency is not simply to contact the seller to the buyer, but offers a very wide range of consultancy services which can be summarized as follows.

For the seller:

» valuation to determine the market value of sale or rental;

» search of all documentation that the owner has not, with the Director, the City, the Note, the conservatism, land, banks, etc..;

» advice and analysis of records of any donations, loans, tax amnesties, inscriptions against, bankruptcy, certification of plants and energy, etc.;

» inclusion and cross with its own database and other systems properties, advertising in our shop windows in many websites dedicated, in newspapers and many other industry;

» finding a potential buyer or lessee, and presentation of a written offer, any subsequent preparation of a preliminary or lease, registered with the Register of private writing, delivery to the notary (in case of sale) the documentation required for signing the deed, delivery of the notice to the Prefecture building supply, etc..

For buyer:

» inclusion in its database of names and specifications of the request, signaling even at different times of potential properties with characteristics similar to those being sought;

» presentation of their potential properties and possibly other colleagues;

» appointment, to visit all the selected properties and possible delivery of data and plans of the most interesting;

» drafting and presentation to the owner of a proposed purchase or lease of any communication and acceptance, any subsequent preparation of preliminary or lease;

» presentation of possible budgets, from leading banks, on the request of any mortgages, submission of all documentation necessary for the investigation of the matter, etc.

» delivery to the Notary, chosen by, of all documentation of the property and notice of the Credit Institution for funding;

» volture assistance for any of the various utilities, ICI TARSU, or whatever, at the agencies.

Everything always with the utmost professionalism, discretion and always respecting the Privacy Policy.